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Quantum physics and theology - an unexpected kinship, 2007
Science and Creation - the search for understanding, 2006
Exploring reality- the inertwining of Science and Religion, 2005
Science and the Trinity - a christian encounter with reality, 2004
Living with Hope - a scientist looks at Advent, 2003
The god of hope and the end of the world, 2002
Hrsg. (mit Robert Russell u.a.) Quantum Mechanics, 2002,
An den lebendigen Gott glauben, 2005,
Faith in the living god, 2000
The work of love - creation as Kenosis, 2001
Faith, science and understanding, 2000
The End of the World and the Ends of God - Science and Theology on Eschatology, 2000
Traffic in truth - exchanges between science and theology, 2000
Gott ist das Letztgültige, 1999
Theologie und Naturwissenschaft, 2001.
Science and Theology, 1998
An Gott glauben im Zeitalter der Naturwissenschaften, 2000,
Belief in god in an age of science, 1998
Beyond science- the wider human contextCambridge, 1996.
Searching for truth - Lenten meditations on Science and Faith, 1997
Knowledge and understanding - themes in the study of science and theology,
Scientists as Theologicians - a comparison of the writings if Ian Barbour, Arhtur Peacocke and John Polkinghorne, 1996
Quarks, Chaos and Christianity - questions to science and religion, 1994.
Science and Christian Belief, 1994 (Gifford Lectures)
Reason and reality, SPCK 1991
Science and providence- God´s interaction with the world, 1989
Science and creation - the search for understanding, 1988
One world- interaction of science and theology, 1986
The way the world is - a christian perspective of a scientist, 1983

John Charlton Polkinghorne (1930 - )

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